Q1. What is a houseboat?

Houseboats have numerous definitions but the most common description is “a boat that has been designed or modified to be used primarily as a home”. Some houseboats are motorised and some are not . Those that are not are usually moored to land for services such as water and electricity. Please read our blog "What is a Houseboat" for more details.

Q2.What benefits do a Bluefield houseboat have over other houseboats?

Bluefield Houseboats are not motorised and so are moored to the land. They can however be easily moved if unlocked from the bank and can be either towed or manoeuvred to another site. What really sets Bluefield Houseboats apart from other houseboats is the stability, flexibility, certification and design quality. Living on water without the compromise.

Q3. Do Bluefield houseboats have a motor?

Bluefield Houseboats do not have a motor or engine and are moored to the land. They can however be easily moved if unlocked from the bank and can be either towed or manoeuvred to another site.

Q4. How much does a typical houseboat cost?

Houseboats can range in cost from as little as £50,000 for a small covert barge, right the way up to well over £1,000,000 for bespoke built grand design. Bluefield Houseboats start at £100,000 depending on site, design and specification chosen by the client.

Q5. Can I get insurance for a Bluefield houseboat?

Due to the unique way Bluefield houseboats are certified they can usually be insured using a normal broker. Bluefield Houseboats can offer advice and help introduce clients to insurance options.

Q6. What are the “other costs” with purchasing a houseboat?

The other costs involved in purchasing a Bluefield Houseboats depend on the site and location. However typical other costs can include rates, mooring fees, utility charges and planning fees.

Q7. What is the typical lifespan of a Bluefield houseboat?

Due to the Bluefield Houseboat commitment to providing the same quality on land, on the water the typical design life for a Bluefield Houseboat is 50 years.

Q8. Where can I find a site for a houseboat?

Due to the versatile design and low draught, Bluefield Houseboats can be located on most inland waterways provided the correct permissions are in place such as mooring and planning. The most common sites are on rivers, lakes, canals and marinas.

Q9. Do I need to be able to drive a boat to have a houseboat?

Bluefield Houseboats are not motorised and are moored to the land, therefore you do not need to be able to drive to purchase one.

Q10. How many people can a typical houseboat hold?

The capacity of a houseboat can vary depending on the size and specification. The standard Bluefield Houseboat is certified to hold 20 people.

Q11. Are the houseboats moveable?

Even though Bluefield Houseboats are suitable for permanent moorings, they are completely moveable and can be towed or pushed into position.

Q12. Do Bluefield Houseboats provide a warranty

Bluefield Houseboats are committed to providing the very highest levels of safety and quality and so all products provide the same the Design life and Warranties that would be expected with a building on land.

A 12 months “defects & liability” period is also provided. This will mean Bluefield Houseboats will come and correct any latent defects that might occur within the first 12 months after purchase. This again is a standard arrangement to most land based construction projects.

Extended warranty and service level agreements are also available if additional support is requested.